The Achadinha Cheese Company Story





Achadinha Cheese Company is owned by the Pacheco Family.  In 1955  Jim's father, William Pacheco, founded the Pacheco Dairy in Bodega Bay. The enterprise relocated to Petaluma in 1969 and is now run by the  current generation which  includes Jim and Donna Pacheco and their four children.

 In 1997, Jim and Donna sold their cows and bought dairy goats.  The "girls", as the  goats are called, are able to graze pasture all year long on 290 acres.  Their diet is supplemented with alfalfa and brewer’s grain from the local breweries which gives our cheeses their distinct flavor.  Along with the goats, Jim and Donna also have jersey cows, beef cows, horses, pigs, sheep, and chickens .


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